Mani Monday; OPI Mad For Madness Sake

As I’ve been off work for the past two weeks, and I’ve been sleeping a lot, time awake has been spent doing small tasks that don’t require a lot of effort or strength. Therefore, painting my nails has seemed far too hard a task – base coat, two coats of colour and top coat was just too much concentration for me. It sounds dramatic but it was genuinely true, I’ve struggled.

As I’m back at work soon, I wanted to make myself a bit more presentable by attempting to do my nails. My bestie sent me a ‘care package’ while I was off and it included a bunch of amazing goodies, including another to add to my nail polish collection; OPI’s Mad for Madness Sake.

OPI Mad For Madness Sake 1

I’ve already spoken about my love for the new OPI Alice in Wonderland collection when I swatched the I’m Gown For Anything shade, so when I saw this little beauty I was so happy. I’m a big, big fan of pink nails, so I was even more happy to see this badboy.

OPI Mad For Madness Sake 2

Although this colour falls under the ‘reds’ collection on the OPI website, it’s definitely pink. A damn, bright pink, although it’s apparently fuchsia according the website again.

OPI Mad For Madness Sake 3

It’s warm enough in shade to be worn in autumn and winter, and it’s bright enough to be worn in spring/ summer, so it’s definitely a colour that can be worn all year round.

OPI Mad For Madness Sake 4

If you’re a lover of pink, this is the perfect bold, intense shade to add to your collection. Next up, I’m desperate to get my hands on The I’s Have It.

Also, I’ve filed my natural nails into a square tip and I am loving it! I wasn’t a fan of square nails as it reminded me of the french tip acrylics I used to get when I was younger, but I find the shorter, natural square much more classy.

You can pick up the entire OPI Alice in Wonderland collection, including Mad For Madness Sake, on Feel Unique for £12.50.

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