Mani Monday – For Your Nails Only Abyss

I first came across the nail brand ‘For Your Nails Only’ on Instagram. I saw a short clip of a beautiful, glittery nail polish being poured into a bottle and couldn’t not watch it. It was called #pourn and that’s exactly what it was.

FYNO Abyss

The issue, which isn’t really an issue for the supplier but for the consumer, is that the colours sell out so quickly on the website. It took me about three attempts to buy Abyss and even then, all the other colours had sold out when I went back to see if I wanted anymore.

FYNO Abyss

The price is average; It costs £4.25 for a 5ml bottle with £1.35 for delivery. I was slightly surprised by how small the bottle was when it arrived, but it’s rare I’ll finish a bottle of nail polish so the size is fine.

FYNO Abyss

The pictures above do not do the colour justice. It is FILLED with glitter, all different colours, and they pop against the grey/ black base colour. It is a glitter colour, so for a fully opaque look I would recommend three coats, but the above is with two and I like the finish. It’s not too gloopy, but I think, like all glitter, you do have to apply thinner coats as it tends to glob (technical term) together easily.

FYNO Abyss

I haven’t removed it yet, but I hate taking glitter off my nails as it takes SO BLOODY LONG so I’ll update this post when I’ve (attempted) removal and let you know how it is.

You can pick up a bottle of Abyss from For Your Nails Only, restocking takes place every couple of weeks and you need to be quick – so set a reminder!

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