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I LOVE reading posts about make-your-own beauty palettes. It’s rare to buy a pre-made palette that you love every single colour in it; it’s just not the way it works. It also bugs me that I might love one colour from one palette, and another from a different one, and when I want to recreate looks I have to lug around three or four different palettes to get one eye shadow from each.

Therefore, build your own palettes are just my favourite. I have the majority of my favourite shades in one convenient pan and it’s just so handy.

Originally, my MAC Pro Palette was for MAC Pan Refills only, but with so many amazing brands bringing out their own pans, I’ve now turned mine into a mix of different brands and colours. You can see all the colours I’m loving at the moment, below. I’ve still got some spaces so if you have any recommendations then please let me know!


1st Row, Left – Right

MAC – All That Glitters – ShadowPro Refill

Website description: Beige with Gold Pearl in a Veluxe Pearl finish

Lots use this as a highlighter, but I find it’s a tad too dark for my fair skin, so I use it in the crease or as a corner colour. It’s a beautiful shimmer bronze colour

MAC – Jest – ShadowPro Refill

Website description: Soft Peach with Icy Shimmer in a Frost finish

A matte colour that is great for the crease, I find it has a lot of pink undertone to it which makes it a great transitional colour

MAC – Cork – ShadowPro Refill

Website description: Muted Golden Brown in a Satin finish

I love this colour. It’s a beautiful warm brown which is only just warm, if that makes sense! If I use too many warm products on my skin I look odd, I’m very cool-toned with my complexion, but this works perfectly to deepen the crease line or to sweep over the lid and under the lower lash line for a brown smoky eye

MAC – Nylon – ShadowPro Refill

Website description: Pale Gold with Icy Shimmer in a Frost finish

I use this colour to ‘set’ my base shadow. Sweep it across the lid to set a cream colour and make colours on top, pop

MAC – Woodwinked – ShadowPro Refill

Website description: Warm Antique Gold in a Veluxe Pearl finish

This is another beautiful colour. It looks great on top of Cork but adds a bit of shimmer which is perfect for turning a day look into a night look

2nd Row – Left to Right

MAC – Plum Dressing – ShadowPro Refill

Website description: Pinky Plum with Metal in a Veluxe Pearl finish

A deep, pink toned plum. The next three colours are my ‘vibrant’ colours of the palette. I don’t dunk my shadow brushes in them, I use only a very light amount to add a touch of bright colours to my eyes. I use plum dressing in the outer corner of my eye

MAC – Humid – ShadowPro Refill

Website description: Intense Green with Shimmer in a Frost finish

I’m obsessed with olive/ green shadows on hazel eyes as I find they help to bring the eye colour out even more than normal. If you team this colour on top of a brown smoky eye it really helps to complement your eye colour

MAC – Deep Truth – ShadowPro Refill

Website description: True Dark Blue in a Frost finish

I think this is such a pretty colour, but I haven’t actually had the chance to use it yet. It’s got beautiful specks of glitter and the pigment is very strong, so I’m going to be very light handed with it. I can’t wait to create an eye look with it


MAC – Filament – Shadow

Website description: Platinum Silver in a Lustre finish

This is the colour I use as a highlight on my brow bone to complete a look. It’s very light, and offers a subtle shimmer

ABH – Pink Champagne – Shadow

Website description: This finely-milled, highly-pigmented powder eye shadow is available in eighty-four hues and eight finishes for maximum versatility. Titanium finish.

If you follow Anastasia Beverly Hills on Instagram, or search for ‘statement eye makeup’ on Youtube vids, this colour always pops up, and I’m not surprised. LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS. It’s so lovely that I can’t actually bear to touch it yet, but I’m planning a night out with this on my eyes very soon, so I’ll update you with how it wears

3rd Row – Left to Right

MUG – Mocha – Shadow

Website description: Deep Matte Brown

I wanted a deeper brown shade purely to deepen the socket. There isn’t much else to say about this one. It’s a pretty brown colour that should be a standard in most kits

MUG – Peach Smoothie – Shadow

Website description: A Light Peach Beige with a soft Matte finish

If I’m being honest, I bought this because Batalash Beauty features it all day and I swear down one day I will recreate her looks when I get the confidence. It’s a peach colour that is similar to a skin tone but more orange

MUG – Grandstand – Shadow

Website description: Medium Rose Gold with Slight Taupe Undertones and a Foiled finish.

I had to have this colour purely because I wanted a statement, in your face shimmer in my set and this fulfilled all these requirements. I’ve seen a video where ABH Pink Champagne is used on top of Make Up Geek Grandstand and it looks incredible

Do you have a DIY eye shadow palette? What shades do you have in yours?

Thanks for reading,

S x

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