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Lush Ocean Salt is, in my opinion, an underrated Lush skincare product that doesn’t get as much hype as it should.

Lush Skincare

It is described as a face and body scrub, however I use it only for the face as a deep-cleaning exfoliator. It’s packed full of sea salt, avocado butter, coconut oil and organic lime extracted from vodka. I understand the need for the sea salt, butter and oil, but I had to look into what the organic lime is used for. Turns out, citric fruit used to be known (and still is) for it’s healing qualities, it helps to soothe bites and infections and to relieve the skin of irritation. The (miniscule) alcohol addition helps to reduce blocked pores and blemishes – another tick in my box.

Lush Skincare

When you open the pot, you can see the sea salt crystals, and you can smell the avocado butter and the citrus fruits which I personally really like. It’s a mix of a cream and light blue colour and it’s thick it texture, but easily falls off your fingers if you’re not concentrating and forget to apply quickly (speaking from experience here).

Lush Skincare

To apply, I scoop up as much as I need (depends on the size of your face…) and apply liberally all over my face. Once done, I then massage into the skin. It doesn’t irritate my skin, but you can feel the sea salt rubbing away at the top layer. It’s not painful at all, but when it’s been rinsed with lukewarm water (I never use boiling water to clean my face, and neither should you, your face skin is very sensitive) my skin feels and looks clearer. It’s gritty and it gets under your nails, but give your face a good scrub with it if you’re suffering from any breakouts or rough patches and this will help clear, soothe and moisturise the area.

I have combination skin which leans towards oily at the moment, and this product doesn’t dry my skin out nor does it leave any excess oil. I’m a big fan of Ocean Salt and would definitely repurchase in future.

You can pick up a tub of Ocean Salt from Lush Stores and online here, with prices starting from £8.50 for a 120g pot.

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