Illamasqua Complement Palette

Illamasqua is one of my favourite make-up brands. I don’t know if it’s the fact they actively promote alternative beauty, or that they have a ridiculously extensive amount of product OR the fact that every product I’ve had from them has always exceeded expectations, or just all of the above. There’s a whole lot of ‘or’s’ right there. The stores in London are incredible and the make-up artists who work in them really know their stuff.

What I love even more about the brand is that when they do a sale, they do it properly. None of this £2 off the original price but still full price delivery, they apply a substantial amount of discount to their products. The downside? The sales normally start in January and I’m always broke by January 2nd, so I have to wait all month before I can buy what I want.

This year, I purchased the Complement Palette. An eyeshadow quad which was a little out of my comfort zone as a couple of the shades edge towards a red-y tone and this doesn’t normally suit my skin tone.


I bought it, and when I opened it it looked beautiful, but I was just too nervous to use it. I have flashbacks of uni when I went out as a Powerpuff girl (yup, really) and wore bright red eyeshadow as I was Blossom and the pictures looked awful. I genuinely look like I’ve got some sort of eye disease which has caused them to inflame and go red. It’s horrendous. This has haunted me ever since and I now keep away from anything with strong red undertones.

Roll forward to May, and I couldn’t work out what make-up look I wanted for the beard’s surprise birthday party, and my friend told me to try the Complement Palette as she thought it would suit me. I bit the bullet and used all the shades and guess what? I loved my eye make-up on the night.

The colours are super pigmented while still being easy to blend, which makes them easy to use by both make-up rookies and experts. The colours lasted all night and there was really minimal fallout when applied, although I would still recommend doing eyes before face make-up, so you have easy clear up if needed.


The four shades that come available in the palette are (top L – R, bottom L – R):

Powder Eyeshadow in Slink, which is described as a ‘soft champagne shimmer’ and is a beautiful highlight for the inner tear duct and brow bone

Liquid Metal in Focus, which is described as a ‘cool brown metallic’ and is great as a base colour as it’s liquid, so if you use it and then set it with a similar colour on top your make-up doesn’t budge

Powder Eyeshadow in Forgiveness, which is described as a ‘rich chocolate plum’, which is an amazing crease colour

Powder Eyeshadow in Queen of the Night, which is described as a ‘blackened plum’, and looks great on the out corner to create a dark smoky eye effect


As you can tell, I love this palette, and I will recommend it to anyone and everyone (which is why I decided to put it on here!) You can purchase the Complement Palette from the Illamasqua website for £38. Slink and Forgiveness are also available in singles for £16.50, if you had to pick either, I’d for Slink.

Thanks for reading,

S x

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