My Favourite Hair Styling Product From Joico

When it comes to styling my hair, I tend to be fairly easy going. If I go to the gym, my hair gets bunged up in a pony or messy bun, if I’m going out, loose waves or straight(ish) hair OR, if I suddenly get the urge to make some effort (normally on a Friday), I’ll straighten it.

For ease, and due to the amount I go to the gym, it’s spends the majority of the time up, but when I head out, there is only one styling product I tend to reach for, and that’s the Joico Hair Shake.

Joico Hair Shake

This product is a liquid-to-powder texturizing spray, and it turns your freshly washed hair into manageable, bed head feeling hair (which I find is much easier to style and work with).

As a bit of background information, I have bleached, naturally curly and incredibly thick hair.

Joico Hair Shake

Loose & Wavy

If I want to go for a bed-head wavey look, I loosely tong my hair with my GHD curlers, brush out with my fingers and spray the Joico Hair Shake liberally all over the mid-to-ends of my hair and then shake it through. This loosen the curls further, but also helps to keep the shape and adds a ridiculous amount of volume.

Joico Hair Shake

Straight & Messy

For straight hair, I tend to dial back the amount I use, as I like my hair to look shiny and smooth, and this product really does add volume and texture. Therefore, I straighten my hair, and then spritz a couple of sprays through the body of my hair, but I concentrate more on the roots to give me a lift.

I do have to wash my hair the morning after use, but I tend to do that anyway (especially after a night out), as it can get quite crispy after sleeping, and sweating, on your barnet. However in regards to the hold, and texture, which holds it ground regardless of the dance moves I may partake in throughout the night, this stuff stays in place.

You can purchase the Joico Hair Shake from Look Fantastic for £13.15.

What is your go-to hair styling product? Have you used Joico before?

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