Challenging Myself: Wearing Make-up Everyday

I love to challenge myself, I’ve got such a competitive attitude some times and I know that I can be very harsh on myself, but I can’t say I don’t love a bit of a challenge! Therefore, I’ve decided that a new series on this blog is going to be called ‘challenging myself’, where I’ll set myself different week-long challenges, and will document the week to share with you.

The Challenge

To begin with, I’m going to challenge myself to wear make-up every day for a week. I have so much beautiful, expensive make up that sits in my draw gathering dust for 90% of the year. My make-up collection is extensive, and there is no way in hell I would be able to wear all of it in a month, let alone in a week.

In a bid to start looking a bit more presentable and to use some of my never-been-touched products, I decided to set myself this challenge. I’m so lazy normally that I never wear anything on my face – literally moisturiser in the morning and I’m good to go. Therefore, I’m interested to see what the results are from this one.


The Diary

Day One – 27th June 2016

What I wore: Concealer, Bronzer, Blusher, Setting Powder and Mascara

I’m starting the day on a high, and as I didn’t have gym this morning I was able to apply my make-up leisurely and properly, and it was nice heading to work knowing I didn’t look too haggard from the weekend.

Day Two – 28th June 2016

What I wore: Moisturiser, Lustre Drops, Bronzer, Setting Spray

I go to the gym every Tuesday, so didn’t want to cake any make-up on as I knew it would mess with my skin. I also didn’t want to wear any mascara as I sweat a lot in spin and didn’t want the panda eye look to take over my face. It’s days like this, when I know I’m going to sweat it all off, that I’ve got that ‘nahhhhh’ attitude towards make-up. Post-gym, I don’t mind wearing it. Pre-gym, I hate it.


Powering through with make-up at the gym, excuse the minging hair brush

Day Three – 29th June 2016

What I wore: Concealer, Blusher and Mascara

Not sleeping well, teamed with going to the gym for 6am meant that I could not be bothered to apply make-up today. I was SO tired that I nearly didn’t bother. I persevered though, and applied the basics. I’m not even joking, the Bare Minerals Stroke of Light is new to make-up bag and it is a wonder product. It brightens the under eye so much I looked like frigging Sleeping Beauty by the time I’d buffed it in.

Day Four – 30th June 2016

What I wore: Concealer, Bronzer, Blusher, Highlighter, Setting Powder, Eyeliner and Mascara

I slept awfully last night, getting up at 5.30am which meant I had about an hour to apply my make-up. My hair was a mess because I tossed and turned a lot, so I bunged my hair up in a messy bun and decided I needed to make effort with my face as I had no hope with my hair.

Day Five – 1st July 2016

What I wore: Concealer, Bronzer, Blusher, Highlighter and Mascara

I’m going on holiday today, with an early flight, so you can imagine how happy a bunny I was that I had to get up 15 minutes earlier (3.30AM) to make sure I applied my make-up. At least I was safe in the comfort that I wouldn’t be scaring too many children at this hour.


Loving the leisurely make-up application in the hotel

Day Six – 2nd July 2016

What I wore: Concealer, Bronzer, Blusher, Highlighter, Kohl Liner and Mascara

I’m in Copenhagen today, so just wore the usual and didn’t have to stress about getting ready before a certain time so it meant I could do my make-up at a leisurely pace. I kept it minimal for day, then at night we went to dinner, so I upped it with some brown kohl liner to line my eyes.

Day Seven – 3rd July 2016

What I wore: Concealer, Bronzer, Blusher, Highlighter and Mascara

Once again, in Copenhagen so got my face ready in my own time. Downside is that we flew home today, and aeroplanes always play havoc with my skin, so knowing that I also had make up left me feeling really uncomfortable, definitely won’t be doing that again.

My Learnings

#1 I’m lazy AF when it comes to applying make-up

#2 Fair play to the girls who do apply it every day, it takes time, effort, and requires no snoozing on the alarm. I salute you

#3 I get why people do it. It was nice to look in the mirror every now and again and not think ‘oh shit, I look ragged/tired/half dead’


#4 I can’t live without the Bare Minerals Stroke of Light. It is an incredible product

#5 I won’t be doing this again anytime soon

Do you wear make-up every day to work? If not, I would highly recommend setting yourself this challenge (and sticking to it), to see how it makes you feel.

Thanks for reading,

S x

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