Blue Sky Gel Nail Polish

For my birthday, the beard’s mum treated me to getting my nails done. I chose acrylic for my hands and a normal polish pedicure for my toes. I loved having my nails done, not having to worry about them breaking or the nail varnish chipping for a month was amazing.

However, I came back to earth with a bump when I tried to remove said nails at home. Thankfully, they lifted quite easily, but repeated use of acetone teamed with filing and scrubbing left my nails really weak and brittle. Therefore, to help inject a bit of life into them, I was told to try out a gel nail polish to give them time to heal without looking like crap.

My gel polish of choice was the Bluesky range. I was bought a DIY gel nail kit a couple of years ago, so decided to put it to use rather than spend the £20+ to get a professional manicure. My colour of choice was the rather tongue-rolling shade of ‘Bluesky Gel Polish DIAMOND GLITTER TEAL BLUE GREEN BLZ 10 – UV Gel Soak off Nail Polish 10ml’. Short and snappy win’s the race, Blue Sky, didn’t your mother ever tell you that?

I applied a thin layer of the Base Coat to one hand, then placed it under my UV lamp for one minute. I then did the other hand (to avoid repetition, just assume whatever I did to one hand, I did to the other). I then applied a thin layer of my chosen glittery colour to my nails. The formula is quite gloopy, so make sure you apply a very thin layer, and leave a decent amount of room around the edge of your nails. I used a cuticle pusher before starting this to make sure I wouldn’t get any little bits of skin/ cuticle (nice, I know), sticking to the colour. If you get the gel on your fingers and then ‘set’ them with the UV, they’ll peel off quicker as it isn’t supposed to stick to skin. I then placed under the UV light again for another minute. Repeat the process with your chosen colour, ‘cure’ for one minute and then apply the top coat. Again, be quite generous but not so much that you’re dousing your nails in the stuff. Cure for a final minute, then I used the Mylee Prep + Wipe Polish Wipe on a cotton pad to remove the left over ‘sticky’ residue from the gel, revealing a shiny, glittery (and BEAUTIFUL) coat of gel nail varnish.

This particular product is supposed to last for two weeks, so I decided to take a picture on the day I painted them, then one week after, then two weeks after, so you can see the difference. I haven’t edited these images at all, as I wanted to give an accurate display of what they looked like.

This was taken when I first did them:


This was after one week:


I don’t know if you can see, but the base/ top coat (not sure which one) is starting to peel away from the cuticle area. I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult it was to not start picking at it as soon as that happened.

This was after two weeks:



You can see that there is definitely chipping on some of the nails, but nothing so dramatic that it warranted removing all of them.

I was genuinely quite surprised that, after two weeks, my nails still looked this good. I feel like this actually lasted ridiculously well, considering the Blue Sky gel polishes are only around £5 each!

I would highly recommend this DIY gel kit to anyone who’s looking to invest, although I would suggest buying the remover as well, because I didn’t and I found it a right pain to get off (hello filing the crap out of my nails). You can buy the starter bundle, which contains the base and top coat, a cuticle pusher (V important), cotton wipes, the Prep + Prime solution and the remover for a bragain price of £20 on Amazon.

I will 100% be using this brand again and have already got my eye on a couple of their pinky colours.

If you have any other questions regarding application or of the products themselves, let me know!

Thanks for reading,

S x

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