Benefit Do The Hoola; Mini Reviews

Although Benefit Hoola Bronzer has been spoken about in the blogging world for God knows how long, I only invested in it back in May, when I bought it on impulse in the queue at Duty Free (damn those last minute ‘buy me now’ shelves. I have to admit, though, that it is an amazing product. It has changed my views on ‘everyday contour’ (too much effort for me) because one swipe of this product, with the accompanying brush, takes about 5lbs off my face (I have a fat face).


When I got home the other day and found that the bear had bought me the new Do The Hoola kit from Benefit, I was SO excited. When opening the kit, I saw it had five mini versions of some of the make-up brands bestsellers, including a mini Hoola Bronzer, mini They’re Real Mascara, mini Benebalm, a mini Hoola Ultra Plush and a mini version of one of the most recently launched products, Dew The Hoola Liquid Bronzer.


I thought a do a quick one liner on what I think of all of the products in case you’re interested in buying the kit:

  1. Dew The Hoola (Full size £22.50) – Apply all over face for a ‘dewy’ (hence the name) bronze, this isn’t too warm for my skintone thankfully, isn’t at all drying and leaves you with a subtle bronze tint.
  2. Hoola Bronzer with Mini Brush (Full size £23.50) – ‘Nuff said about this above. Buy it.
  3. Benebalm (Full size £14.50) – I wasn’t sure what to make of this, but after trying I absolutely love the subtle red colour it gives my lips, and it’s incredibly moisturising.
  4. Hoola Lipgloss (Full size £14.50) – Not too sticky, and a nice nude lip colour. I can imagine this looks beaut with a bit of a tan, so will take it on holiday to try it out properly.
  5. They’re Real (Full size £19.50) – As much as I love this set, this mascara just doesn’t seem to get on with my lashes. It clumps them together and makes them look sparse, which, is a major shame, as so many people love it!
  6. Overall – I honestly can’t recommend this kit enough, it’s literally your face in a handy box, with convenient sizes. If you don’t want to take the whole box out, it’s easy enough to slip a couple of the minis in a bag (as small as clutch size), to touch up on the go. I will definitely be taking this set on holiday with me, as the emphasis on bronzing means it’ll complement my tan nicely.


I’m also going to mention the fact that each box comes with its own ‘Tips and Tricks’ book, which shows you how to use each product and where you the face, so even those new to the world of make-up can use this product easily.

Have you tried any of the above? What did you think? If you have any recommendations for other Benefit products, please let me know!

Thanks for reading,

S x

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