A Little Lush Haul

I’ve wanted to get my hands on some Lush skincare for ages, as I love that they only contain natural ingredients so aren’t harmful to the skin.

My skin type is combination, but it’s on the oily side of the scale, and it’s extremely sensitive at times, so I have to be really careful with what I apply to it.

When a friend of mine recommended I try out some of the Lush skincare products, I nipped off to the store in Milton Keynes to see what they had available. I love the staff in Lush, there are some that jump on you as soon as you walk in the door, which is slightly annoying, but the majority of the time there is always a member of staff keeping an eye out for those that are looked dazed and confused (AKA, me) and they always really know their products, along with which are suitable for your needs.


The assistant that helped me (I wish I had gotten her name!) asked me my skin type and if I suffered from any breakouts etc and then talked me through her recommendations. For cleanser, she recommended either the Ultrabland or 9 to 5, and put a tester of each onto my hands. I chose 9 to 5 purely because I found it settled into my skin easier, Ultrabland left a greasy residue which didn’t feel nice.

Next up was toner, I suffer from stress (and gym) induced breakouts, so I’m always on the lookout for product which help control excess oil but are also gentle on the face. Therefore, I was recommended the Tea Tree Toner Water, which not only refreshes skin but contains antibacterial ingredients to help keep pesky spots at bay.

To complete the trio, I also wanted to pick up a moisturiser. This was the tricky part for me; if a moisturiser is too heavy, it leaves my skin feeling greasy and horrible, if it’s too light, it doesn’t do anything. The assistant recommended I try Celestial, a skin-soothing light moisturiser which is packed with Vitamin E, which I know is amazing for skin.

After this, I left the assistant’s care (dangerous territory) and mooched around the shop. I had recently run out of shower cream, so thought I’d have a look to see if I could find one I liked. Enter, It’s Raining Men. This little bottle of goodness smells like honey and I just want to eat it all. Honey is known for its soothing and smoothing qualities, so I can’t wait to feel baby-soft after using this.

Finally, to continue my obsession, the Honey Trap Lip Nectar. My lips always dry out when on holiday, and with Autumn/ Winter on the way I want to be prepared, so I thought I’d give this little beauty a try. I’ll update you all on how I find it when I’ve used it for a little while.

And that’s all, folks! What do you think of the items I picked up? Would you recommend any others?

Thanks for reading,

S x

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