9 Things Beauty Gurus Taught Me

I spend a lot of time watching make-up YouTube tutorial. I manage to convince myself everytime I watch one that I can recreate the look with ease and look amazing as an end result – this never happens.

There are, however, a couple of tips that I’ve learnt from the beauty gurus on YouTube which I can’t imagine not doing now. My favourites to watch, and learn from, include Charlotte Tilbury, Lisa Eldridge, Monika Blunder and Mary Greenwell.

1 – Bake Oily Skin

People have been doing this for ages, but it’s one I’ve only just learnt. If you ‘bake’ (apply excess powder, leave to settle and then wipe away), oily areas on the skin, your make-up is less likely to run.

2 – Windscreen Wiper

To blend eye make-up seamlessly, use a fluffy brush and stroke over your lids in a ‘windscreen wiper’ fashion. This technique can also be used to apply colour.

3 – Tissue Paper Blot

When applying deep lip colours, apply your first coat of colour, then push a tissue over your lips to ‘blot’ excess colour, then reapply. This provides you with a base layer and makes your lippy last longer.

4 – Let Skincare Sink In

If you’re applying moisturiser, or any skincare before make-up (you should), do this at least 20 minutes before application. It gives the product the chance to sink in and means your skin won’t be greasy.

5 – Prep Lips

If you know you’re going for a bold colour, prep your lips before you start make-up. Use a lip scrub and intensive lip balm to hydrate lips.

6 – Eyes Before Face

When creating a glittery or smoky eye look, it’s inevitable that drop-out will appear on your face. If you do your eyes first, clearing up mistakes is much easier, then you can apply your face make-up without mixing it all together.

7 – Tightline Everything

I never used to tightline my upper waterline, but since I’ve seen the Eldridge do it, I now can’t stop. It makes my eyes look so much more defined.

8 – Spot Concealing

Gone are the days of using a brush to buff in my concealer. I now apply product with a brush (or my finger), and then pat the product into place, setting it with a powder. It means any spots get covered up for my longer than just buffing it in.

9 – Curl It Up

I used to own a pair of crappy little eyelash curlers which ultimately broke after about two uses, and I never bothered replacing them. Now, I can’t be without my Nars lash curlers to give my eyes a natural lift. Applying mascara after means the curl holds well into the day.

And that’s it! Nine things beauty gurus have taught me through their YouTube videos. Do you have any favourites to watch, or tips to live by? Let me know!

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