About Me

Me MexicoIf you love reading about lifestyle, fitness, the occasional beauty post and some PR advice thrown in for good measure, you’ve hit the nail on the head with A Blonde Lifestyle.

This is take two of a blog for me. The first attempt failed because I was doing it for all the wrong reasons, you can read more about this here. Now, I post about what I get up to on a daily/ weekly basis, things I like, things I’ve done, things I’m hoping to do more of. Therefore, A Blonde Lifestyle was born in January 2016, and hopefully I’ll be much happier continuing it in the long-term now I’ve found my style and niche.

A new website comes accompanied with a brand spanking new category in the shape of ‘PR advice’. Working in both PR and the blogging world means I see a whole lot of do’s and don’t’s from both sides, and I always think it’s worthwhile sharing these. If you’re in PR and would like to see these, or if you’re a blogger and would like to see how the other half live, simply check out the PR Advice category at the top of this page or click here.

The above is basically a photograph of my behind, but in an amazing underground cave in Mexico. Can’t really go wrong with a picture of your behind in an underground cave really.

My name is Sophie, but nearly everyone calls me Soph, doesn’t bother me and don’t worry about asking me if it’s ok, it always is. However, if you do shorten my name, expect me to do the same (even if you have a short name, Sam? No problem, hey Sa).

I’m 25 years old, birthday is in April and that makes me an Aries (this feels like a dating application).

I currently live between Watford and Luton, with hopes to move to Luton towards the end 2016.

I studied at Nottingham Trent University from 2008 – 2011 and got a degree (2:1) in Media with Specialist Pathways. Yes, I can put ‘BA Hons’ on my signature if I want to (but I don’t).

When I left University, I started working in my chosen career in a PR agency. Since then I have done the PR for a food distrubition company, a bunch of consumer technology brands, a very well-known fitness brand and I currently work as the PR Manager at a personalised gifting company in Harpenden. I really love my job.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please use the information in the ‘contact page’ in the menu above.


Name: Sophie Collier

Age: 25

Birthday: 16th April 1990

Location: Watford, Hertfordshire

Likes: Food (all day, everyday), running (long distance), going to the gym, tattoos, piercings, writing, films (subject I studied at Nottingham Trent University 2008 – 2011, BA Hons Media with Film & TV with a 2:1 result), printed photographs, green tea,

Dislikes: Shellfish, (most fish, to be honest), spitting, rude people, going to the gym, people who push in front of you on any public transport, people who bash the NHS (I would not suggest doing it in front of me), being late, Katie Hopkins.